We serve the specific accounting needs of many industries.


Today, manufacturing companies face a highly competitive global market.  They need to make all the right financial moves not just to thrive but to even survive. Flavin Nooney & Person understands the unique needs of manufacturing companies and provides the accounting measures needed for growth and success in industry today.

Flavin Nooney & Person income tax specialists help manufacturers to target and achieve both immediate and long-term benefits.  Inventory methods, costing options, depreciation of fixed assets, and investment tax credits are some of the many areas Flavin Nooney & Person analyze in determining a successful tax plan suited to the individual manufacturer.

FNP management advisory services also offer expert consultation in cost accounting analysis, product pricing, cash flow analysis, capital budget preparation, collection and credit policies.  Combined, these allow for substantial savings and improved cash flow that can be applied toward future expansion and other long-range goals.


With proper planning and execution, the construction industry can deliver great financial success.  Builder owners, architects, contractors and project managers all must have a solid foundation of job-cost systems and critical internal controls.  Flavin Nooney & Person can help to create these systems and controls so builders can focus on building.

At Flavin Nooney & Person, our tax experts analyze the best solution for dealing with taxable income from long-term contracts on the cash, accrual, percentage-of-completion, or completed-contract method.  We can help with reporting income on long-term contracts, solving complex sales tax issues specific to the construction industry, and preserving capital for future expansion.

FNP offers other services critical to the construction process, including bonding company liaison and consultation, cost certifications, consulting on Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), and working with financial institutions that are financing the project.

Member Organizations

Member Organizations: Condominiums (condos), Homeowner’s Associations (HOAS), & Townhomes
Flavin Nooney & Person provides expert guidance for CIRA (Common Interest Realty Associations) which includes Homeowner Associations, Condominium Associations, Cooperatives, Times Shares, and Community Development Districts (CDDs).

We can assist CIRAs with mandatory reporting.  While a small condominium association may just be required to prepare a report of cash receipts and expenditures after the end of its fiscal year, associations consisting of more than 50 units, may be required to prepare compiled, reviewed or audited financial statements instead of the cash receipts and expenditures report.  The type of financial statement an association must prepare depends on its total annual revenues:

Total Annual Revenues     Type of Financial Statement Required

$100,000 – $199,999           Compiled financial statements

$200,000 – $399,999           Reviewed financial statements

$400,000 and above             Audited financial statements

Not only can FNP help associations with auditing and reporting, we offer a wide range of financial and consulting services in order to help it operate more effectively such as:

  • Working with the board to ensure budgeting and accounting compliance with the Florida Condominium Act
  • Advising the board on the methods available for funding the association’s reserve and deferred maintenance funds
  • Helping the board of directors fulfill its fiduciary responsibilities by assessing the association’s accounting procedures and internal controls
  • Advising the board of directors regarding matters relating to the developer and turnover of control of the association
  • Providing assistance with the adjusting and closing of its books and records

Education: Charter Schools
For Flavin Nooney & Person offers accounting & bookkeeping services including budget balancing, tracking and reconciling with QuickBooks.  This includes addressing state funding, grants, student fees, extracurricular activities and expenditures.

We can provide a variety of tailored solutions such as customized HR packages (payroll and benefits), personalized payment options for parents and customers, annual budget plans and presentations, grant administration and reporting, and fiscal year-end audit preparation.

Education: Proprietary and Non-Profit Post-Secondary Schools
Flavin Nooney & Person provides expert auditing services for proprietary or non-profit postsecondary schools.  We have years of experience working in and/or auditing schools and are respectful of the time for the school’s staff and teachers.

Our services include financial statement audits, Federal Title IV compliance audits, student file reviews required by the U.S. Department of Education, composite score calculations, close-out audits, A-133 audits, assistance with corrective action plans and related tax services.

Real Estate
The ever-fluctuating real estate industry can be an accounting nightmare without proper financial planning and accounting best practices in place.  At Flavin Nooney & Person, we provide the support, advice, and planning to run real estate operations as smoothly as possible. We provide insights and ideas that will improve profitability and cash flow.

Our full service bookkeeping staff can provide the back office support that nobody likes to perform but everybody has to have. Our professionals cover the numbers so you can cover your market.

Professional Practices
Professional service companies come in all shapes and sizes.  The number and diversity of service firms are growing as many would-be entrepreneurs take the plunge as small business owners.  High productivity and cost reduction are essential small businesses and each has its unique individual needs.  Flavin Nooney & Person offers essential accounting and management consultation to a full range of professional service industries including:

  • Architects and Engineers
  • Computer Software and Systems Development
  • Health Care Providers
  • Attorneys
  • Management Consultants
  • Marketing and Advertising Firms
  • Employee Support Service Providers
  • IT/Technology Service

For each of these professional service firms, FNP tailors and employs key management metrics to monitor and measure the incremental success of the organization. We can evaluate the success of the firm compared to established standards in their industry with regards to salary and labor utilization, fee arrangements, compensation and benefits and other relevant management information.

Flavin Nooney & Person is committed to helping non-profit organizations help others.  We consult with non-profits to help them operate more efficiently and effectively. We offer services specifically addressing non-profit accounting, audits, tax planning and management.

Flavin Nooney & Person can implement new accounting principles, develop internal accounting controls, prevent and detect fraud, conduct A-133 audits, compilations and reviews.  We know that every dollar counts and we know how to implement systems and controls that save as many of them as possible.

see your industry listed here?  Flavin Nooney & Person has the depth of expertise and experience to solve the accounting needs of any type of business.  Large or small, high technology or health care, we can help you and your business with a wide range of professional services including:


Contact us, we can meet your specific needs in planning for the future and achieving your business goals.

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